by Budnick

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Recorded 2/11/12 by Wes Johnson at Archive Recordings


released February 11, 2012

Music and lyrics by Josh Recker.
Cover art by Cristy C. Road (www.croadcore.org)
Budnick WAS: Josh/Sean/Brett/Chris



all rights reserved


Budnick Salt Lake City, Utah

Punk Rock from SL, UT

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Track Name: Can't Slow Down
My heart is beating out of my chest
I hope this is only a test
cuz I can't take this anxiety
everyday something else goes wrong
then I hear the perfect song
and my blues slowly start to face

cuz theres so much more I could do
than just sit here thinking about you
cuz my world's not finished yet
I can't be slowed down by one regret

and when I think it's at it's end
it slowly comes back again
it's a battle I haven't won
but it's getting better everday
I can't always be this way
everything works out in the end
Track Name: Hate the Letter K
I told you I'm bored w/ this stupid shit
and I really just want it all to quit
but later on I poured myself a drink
and I really started to think

that maybe its wrong and I should not move on
but the other half of me is so glad that she's gone
cuz certain moments sometimes have to end
good luck with that new fuck head

so thats how I ended up on my own
but sometimes it better being all alone
you don't have to worry about someone else
and you learn to live for yourself
Track Name: Song for Banky
I know exactly just how you feel
when your best friend has fallen ill

to the big L
what can you do?
its just something we all go through

now your digging dirt when you don't need to
what the fuck has it got to do with you

why and try and make it fall apart
cuz everyone leaves with a broken heart

now I pace around and chain smoke
you told me shit that makes me want to choke

why'd you have to go ruin a good thing
it wasn't your plan but she was my everything
Track Name: Day Dreaming
I saw you after class
I was checkin out your ass
as you turned around and laughed
every time you walk by, you say hi
I hope it's not goodbye

you keep fucking with my head
can you find someone else to torture instead

can we get a drink, what do you think?
one of these lonely nights
you just laugh and walk to your class
and leave me standing all alone
Track Name: Looking For Leftovers
So help me understand how I'm supposed to feel
cuz I can't seem to find anyone thats real
they feed you lies, and make you believe
and turn around and leave
and Im so sick of it, why is nothing out there true?
I really don't have a clue
how the world can be so cold

so once again I'll walk down this road
and I hope that I succeed before I get to old
but whats success? happiness from a new wife
but what if later on I miss my old life
but whichever way we go
we'll make it through rain and snow
somehow we all find our way back home

so find a love and stay above
the weight of the world crashing down
Track Name: Who Wrote Holden McNeil?
You call me so late at night
right after I turn off the light
and I'm excited but still I'm trying
not to care...that your there!!

and your creeping and crawling all over me again
but I don't wanna fall in love with you
and I know exactly what you've been trying to do
but I don't wanna fall in love with you

I wish you'd come to my shows
and maybe then you would know
that I'm excited yet still I'm trying not to care
that your there!!

cuz love just eats you alive
till you wanna just run and hide